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Unveil your true divine

nature with the power

of frequency healing.

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Misty Tougas

About Misty

All of us are beloved children of our creator and moving in dynamic transition into the Next Age in the Kingdom of God. It is also known as the Age of Aquarius. Some have called this transition our ascension into the 5th dimension. What we call it is not as important as our acknowledgment of the transition.  ​

This is a spiritual journey and Misty is a gifted guide to the traveler. As a Mystic Intuitive healing consultant, she is given strategies and blueprints in order to help you remember your true identity as a spiritual being who is having an earthly experience.  The result is an awakening.


How I Can Help You


Coaching via Zoom

The reality of unity consciousness means that we are all interconnected wherever we may be physically located. Technology is merely a facilitator of this truth. 

Coaching in Person





Free Mini Consultation

You are welcome to book a free 15-minute mini-consultation to discuss things further and ask questions. 

Illumination Technique

Your lamp to a Better Heaven and Earth Experience. 


Since 1984, I have been on a journey of enlightenment which has brought me deep healing and revolutionized my experience as a spiritual being. The IIlumination Technique™ was divinely born from this process. This simple yet profound method illuminates the dark corners of your emotions and releases you from destructive patterns. 


It's my passion and privilege to guide others as they remember their divine essence and awaken to Christ consciousness. In this higher pathway of unconditional love, you can: 

  • Expose chaos and embrace peace

  • Activate your inner energy

  • Unlock the mystery of your inner vision

  • Develop spiritual awareness and navigate mystical experiences

  • Reduce uncomfortable emotional and spiritual symptoms associated with greater integration.

  • Find relief from physical ailments and dis-ease! 

As an experienced and compassionate guide, I walk with you as you escape trauma, fears, limiting beliefs, and unlock true freedom. Pursue your wildest dreams as you remember your divine nature and access the highest version of yourself. 
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