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I was not able to forgive people. I seethed with resentment. She helped me realize the vows I had made that emotionally imprisoned me.  I saw that I was holding onto my anger to protect myself. The anger I felt was only hurting me. I had been hurt by the church when I tried to get help from my pastor.  He sided with my parents instead of listening to me. I ended up rejecting God and holding onto this deep rage and feelings of abandonment.  I hated Jesus and Christians. As we worked together, she enabled me to release this and make different choices.  Misty's insights and the presence of God she carries allowed me to recognize the power I have in my own life. My heart had been closed, and I was not even aware of it.   As my heart opened, I began to have direct experiences of the love of God.  Experiencing love allowed me to heal. I was able to learn to feel my emotions and let them go. I had suffered from arthritis, and as I released my feelings, the pain went away. She is very kind and compassionate and does not judge people.

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