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Passionate About Inspiring Others

All of us are beloved children of our creator and moving in dynamic transition into the Next Age in the Kingdom of God. It is also known as the Age of Aquarius. Some have called this transition our ascension into the 5th dimension. What we call it is not as important as our acknowledgment of the transition.  ​

This is a spiritual journey and Misty is a gifted guide to the traveler. As a Mystic Intuitive healing consultant, she is given strategies and blueprints in order to help you remember your true identity as a spiritual being who is having an earthly experience.  The result is an awakening.

As we awaken, our previous belief systems often no longer make sense. Whether our lives are based on religious upbringing, our education, media influences or science, we all may benefit from reassessing our view of reality. It may result in a deconstruction process that can be disruptive and disorienting. Misty serves as a guide, assisting you to navigate your path.

As we grow, we have the opportunity to cultivate a heavenly perspective versus persisting in an earthly existence. Misty's style and focus is to help you learn to embody unconditional love and engage in intimacy with our Creator. When we live from unconditional love for everyone, this provides a place of rest and trust.  She is a mystic who loves helping others learn to operate in that way.

Our Creator is pouring out the divine Spirit over all humanity, and the veil between the material and spiritual worlds seems thinner than any time in known history. People are awakening, beginning to remember who they are as eternal beings, and why they are here on earth. As they awaken they are coming together with others to fulfill their purposes.

Yet, transitions can be painful, and are often only illuminated as we grow in our spiritual life.

All true healing comes through transcendent experience of the divine -- an encounter with unconditional love.  


The ancient creation stories illustrate human choice to enter into this material state; a state where culture presents dualistic polarity, where life is seen as good/bad, dark/light, for/against, me/you. Our default reality is a series of object relationship, steeped in competitive and poverty mindsets. But by yielding to unconditional love we rise above the polarity and duality of the earthly realm.  We gain a heavenly perspective. 


When we come to understand how we cooperate with dualistic polarity with our words and thoughts, we begin to recognize when we are operating from this mindset, and we can start to consciously choose unconditional love instead. Once we learn the frequency of our various emotional states, we learn to choose and engage with higher states of consciousness.

Changing how we operate is hard work. It takes courage, time and discipline to stop cooperating with negative, dualistic polarity mindsets.


Misty has engaged in heavenly encounters since she was five years old. She has  compelling, prophetic capabilities that aid her in discerning what people’s gifts and callings are, and how to break through into heavenly, supernatural realms. 

She is a licensed R.N. who, for 12 years, worked with hospice patients. She has many years of experience in Inner Healing, along with directing a School of Healing Prayer for several years.  She has facilitated retreats, spoken in front of thousands of people, and led attendees into personal supernatural encounters. She also helped establish an outreach called Dwelling Place.

Misty operates from her core belief that we are a new creation, and it’s time to walk in the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. The Holy Spirit often works through Misty as she guides her fellow travelers through barriers that block their progress. This help can facilitate their movement in and through the Kingdom of God, and enable them to function well in the world to fulfill their destiny. 

As Misty follows the leading of the Spirit, she may employ various enabling techniques to facilitate restoration and heavenly encounters. These include her own Illumination Technique™, essential oils, music, sound, frequency, prayer, meditation, hands-on contact, identifying core operational issues,, inner healing, and mystical encounters, visions and prophetic words.


With her vast experience, Misty often recommends books, counseling, retreats, and other encounters. You will receive assignments to aid in the integration of your spirit, soul, and body.  She will definitely guide you to discover your destiny, but it is a collaborative relationship; and how quickly you progress depends on the hunger in your heart, and your willingness to commit time each day to your awakening process.

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