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The Illumination Technique™ ..changing our emotional state

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

The Illumination Technique™

We are eternal souls or spirits who take on a physical form when we are born on earth. When we are in the heavenly realm, we do not have an ego or mind as we know it; instead, we embody the Spirit. We can engage fully with the creator and one another without the suffering and angst of earthly existence. The awakening happening in the world is from the veil between heaven and earth thinning; people remember who they are. Our frequency or vibration when we are not in physical form is unconditional love and wholeness. David Hawkins, MD, Ph.D., was a Psychiatrist and spiritual seeker, quantified the frequency of emotions. He delineates in his "Map of Consciousness" emotions by the numbers 1-1000, providing a framework for assessing what frequency we primarily operate. 1000 is the frequency of Jesus or Christ Consciousness. At the 200 level, we begin to resonate with higher frequencies. Below 200, we are mucking about. Shame is one of the lowest frequencies at 20. Anger is at 175 and can help us take action to make different choices. Recognizing the frequency of emotion is a tool to provide an alternative to focus on higher emotions like gratitude that align us with the Spirit and enable us to connect to angelic beings.

As we let go of the lies, we believe about ourselves and others, and there is more space for love and freedom within us. We increase our capacity to operate and make choices based on our alignment with the Divine increases as we connect with unconditional love instead of avoiding pain or self-protection.

In the Spirit, we are not constrained by the societal norms or culture nor the traumas of our life. We develop underlying trauma in our lives from leaving the heavenly realm and being born because of the abrupt separation from being consciously connected to God. Humans can shed the ego and resonate with the Divine and become increasingly Christ-like as our Spirit begins to lead in our lives.

We are affected by trauma, pain, earthly struggles that color our perceptions and choices during our life journey. Unresolved emotions contribute to our overall frequency and can keep us vulnerable to lower energy. When we stuff them or repress emotions, they become stored in the body. Stuffed feelings leave us vulnerable to trigger events and memories by external events that remind us often at an unconscious level, and we react and become upset.

There are many ways to release these emotions, and this technique enables you to clear emotions and touch your eternal self and the joy we are in essence. As we learn to surrender and trust in the Divine without reservation when distressing events or emotions surface, we discover that we can embrace those emotions and let them go entirely by offering forgiveness to ourselves and others. We become liberated from our past.

Every emotion that is triggered is related to buried pain. We are responsible for dealing with our triggers.

The technique involves finding a memory, trauma, feeling that is a recurrent trigger or unhealed area of our life. The emotions can include fear, anger, shame, abandonment, rejection, grief, etc.

We often disassociate from our emotions in childhood. Rather than being taught how to acknowledge and release disappointment, frustration, anger, sadness, experiences of being violated, abused, victimized, bullied, humiliated, or overpowered in some way by those in authority, we are often taught to keep a stiff upper lip, not embarrass the family or risk further abuse.

In this technique, you bring forth a troubling emotion or memory and give it your full attention. Rather than pull away and avoid the feeling or pain, concentrate on investigating it and entering it. Staying with emotion can take practice because when we look at the pain, feel, or hide from it, we may feel like we will die or be overwhelmed by it. Our natural response is to push away from it, resist it or go numb. When we enter into the feelings and allow them to fully surface and embrace them, we can do a deep dive. As we enter in, previous experiences will come to mind when you have felt this way before, and they will flash by if you allow them. We tend to follow our thoughts, but it is crucial to feel emotions and not think or analyze them during this technique. This is not counseling or psychotherapy as we know it. Here is the opportunity to see the connections between life events and your reactions. For me, it feels like diving into a black abyss of emotional pain. The pain builds and builds until it seems unbearable. There are often places of numbness or what feels like a void.

When numbness, emptiness, feeling dead or void arise, press in because this is generally close to a breakthrough. Continue through the shifting layers of emotion until they give way to peace, space, joy, and connection to my true self and the Divine, as do clients. Entering in requires leaving the ego (false self) behind, and ego is the source of holding pain.

Once we clear enough buried emotions our perspective and relationship to life change. The sense of being a victim to life circumstances and people and the awareness that we have choices about our responses to what comes our way. Freedom becomes our baseline state.

Love prevails and we are free to be our unique selves.

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