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I had never experienced the

presence of God

I knew about God in my head. When Misty led Dwelling Place and prayed over me, a peace and profound feeling of love covered my friends and me. We had not believed we could experience anything like this. The experience lasted about a week, and I realized I am loved.

Misty Released Me From Pain!

The retreat was progressing fabulously. I was sharing a weekend with 25 friends; some familiar faces, and a few new acquaintances. As life often takes those unexpurgated, I stepped in from outside, in my bare feet, and slipped on a small patch of water, on the slick, tile floor. In an effort to avoid a serious fall, I thrust my other foot, my right foot, forward, and slipped on another wet spot. My forward momentum drove my foot into a chair, with someone seated in conversation with the others. Net result of all this: a broken big toe and possible fractured foot.


My toe instantly swelled up, turning dark purple and blackening. Even the slightest whisper of touch sent me into a state of shock. I was extremely fortunate that my friend, Misty Tougas, an energy worker, moved in immediately to shift the energetic flow from excruciating pain to love, light, heat, and peaceful transition out of that searing sensation to a stillness inside and out. As I experienced all of these sensations, I could sense actual healing begin. During the aftermath of my injury, Misty never left my side. Even as our friend, Denis, a medical doctor, examined me and confirmed the injury, Misty kept shifting the energetic conversation, turning around the damage in an alternate direction; away from pain and injury, to warmth and restoration.


I was doing body work on clients, who were scheduled, and counting on me to be there for them. Misty released me from such severe pain, I was able to tape up my foot and hobble upstairs for my next client. It was during that session that Misty‘s work turn things around. By the time I came downstairs, having stood for over an hour, all of the swelling has gone down, and the purple and black discoloration I had subsided. Several hours later, I was completely pain-free.


“Next age” shifts have emerged through wonderful people like Misty Tougas, and should you ever need the release of healing touch, and the shifting of your energies, do not hesitate to call Misty. I see her often, and walk away every time - transformed!


There is a place, or perhaps we might better call it a space, that is so near to us, and yet, most of us have almost never been there. That’s a cryptic way of describing my recent experience during a session with Misty Tougas. I was wrestling with tremendous inner conflict, and avoiding facing the pain of past wounds that seem to be at the core of my dilemma. Misty gently assured me that there was a way to access the pain, that would enable me to drill down through many layers that underlie my conscious awareness of conflict, to get to the deepest, darkest layer of pain. She insisted that on the other side of that darkest space, there was joy...inexpressible joy; and genuine freedom from the tyranny of conflict and depression. After she simply describe the process, making sure I understood how this works, she invited me to join her in an initial session. This method simply and elegantly allows you to stay focused on the elusive pain that is always trying to slip away from you; hiding behind an imposing wall of thoughts and intrusive intellectual processes. I was amazed at how the pain point could continue to route me, firmly on the trajectory of going deep into the pain. Misty gently guided me through the process, continually inviting me to go a little deeper, and to discover what was behind that layer of pain. Being new to this kind of process, with it’s visceral, pain point element, intrigued me, so I entered into the process with great abandonment. I trust Misty, from past encounters with her, so I knew I was in good hands when it came to exploring the depths of my pain. From what she shared with me, most people wrestle to stay with the pain. Either they retreat into intellectual evaluation of the process, or the pain simply slips away and they lose track of where they are in the process. Because of her excellence and persistence, I was able to transition all the way through the layers of pain, to a place I can only describe as blissful existence with myself. It felt like a familiar place and yet I’ve almost never been there. That may not make sense to you, but it’s the best way for me to describe how at home I felt in this strange new place that seemed to reside deep within the core of my being. This was the mellowest ecstasy and excitement I had ever experienced; I felt as if I could do anything from a place of centered, secure, and full awareness of self. It was as if the entire universe were available to connect me to my immediate future. That almost sounds pretentious except I couldn’t escape that sense for the rest of the day; and it persisted long into the next day. Misty reminded me, at the end of the session, that I could practice this on my own; but if I ever got stuck, I could reach out to her again, obtaining her assistance with a session or two. I know that this protocol is something that Misty has developed over many years, and I would highly recommend it as a process for self awareness, growth, and dealing with painful memories that make you feel stuck. No one needs to suffer alone. No one needs to fear that the pain will consume you. It most certainly will not. You will have the courage to embark on this path; especially with someone as gifted as Misty Tougas!

I experienced her deep love for me

When I was in my early 40's, I was diagnosed with a terminal illness and was on Hospice. Misty prayed for me for healing. Shortly afterward, I had a dream about my deceased mother. She died when I was young, and I had intensely desired to be with her. I was heartbroken throughout my life. I had not ever seen her in a dream. It was so vivid, and I knew she was still alive in another place. She showed me that I could come with her or stay and finish raising my child. I had unintentionally had a death wish. When I understood that I had a choice, I decided that I wanted to live. It was profoundly healing for me to see my mom and spend time with her. 

I experienced her deep love for me, and it restored hope to me and a desire to live. From that point on, I began to recover. Within a few months, my scans and tests showed that I had been healed. There was no sign of any disease.  My doctor and his staff could not explain the healing and called it a miracle.

Misty has a gift for inner healing

She can get right to the heart of what the root of an issue is. She zooms in on the issues that hold me hostage to unhappiness, despair, depression. I had suffered immense abuse in my life and could not get close to anyone. It was as if there was a wall surrounding my heart.  I was not able to forgive people. I seethed with resentment. She helped me realize the vows I had made that emotionally imprisoned me.  I saw that I was holding onto my anger to protect myself. The anger I felt was only hurting me. I had been hurt by the church when I tried to get help from my Pastor.  He sided with my parents instead of listening to me. I ended up rejecting God and holding onto this deep rage and feelings of abandonment.  I hated Jesus and Christians.
As we worked together, she enabled me to release this and make different choices.  Misty's insights and the presence of God she carries allowed me to recognize the power I have in my own life. My heart had been closed, and I was not even aware of it.   As my heart opened, I began to have direct experiences of the love of God.  Experiencing love allowed me to heal. I was able to learn to feel my emotions and let them go. I had suffered from arthritis, and as I released my feelings, the pain went away. She is very kind and compassionate and does not judge people.

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