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In an effort to avoid a serious fall, I thrust my other foot, my right foot, forward, and slipped on another wet spot. My forward momentum drove my foot into a chair, with someone seated in conversation with the others. Net result of all this: a broken big toe and possible fractured foot.


My toe instantly swelled up, turning dark purple and blackening. Even the slightest whisper of touch sent me into a state of shock. I was extremely fortunate that my friend, Misty Tougas, an energy worker, moved in immediately to shift the energetic flow from excruciating pain to love, light, heat, and peaceful transition out of that searing sensation to a stillness inside and out. As I experienced all of these sensations, I could sense actual healing begin. During the aftermath of my injury, Misty never left my side. Even as our friend, Dennis, a medical doctor, examined me and confirmed the injury, Misty kept shifting the energetic conversation, turning around the damage in an alternate direction; away from pain and injury, to warmth and restoration.


I was doing body work on clients, who were scheduled, and counting on me to be there for them. Misty released me from such severe pain, I was able to tape up my foot and hobble upstairs for my next client. It was during that session that Misty‘s work turn things around. By the time I came downstairs, having stood for over an hour, all of the swelling has gone down, and the purple and black discoloration I had subsided. Several hours later, I was completely pain-free.


“Next age” shifts have emerged through wonderful people like Misty Tougas, and should you ever need the release of healing touch, and the shifting of your energies, do not hesitate to call Misty. I see her often, and walk away every time - transformed!

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