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Frequently Asked Questions

- I find it challenging to open up about difficult emotions. Will this hinder my progress?

Feeling comfortable can take time. As your guide, I operate in gentle, unforced rhythms. There are no standard timelines to follow. Things will unfold as they need to. 

-I am just beginning to explore enlightenment and spirituality. How can coaching help me? 

The Illumination Technique™ enables you to normalize and discover quantum and mystical realities within and around you. In addition to giving you context and direction, it assists with your unique awakening process. 

- Are one-off sessions possible during times of trauma? 

Yes. A one-off session will accelerate your overall healing process. Unlike other inner healing modalities, you can experience the benefits of the Illumination Technique™ from the first session. 

- How long with the transformation process take? 

One to 1.5 years, depending on your willingness to apply the lessons learned. It's a life-changing investment in yourself that works best when you take responsibility for the process. However, it is common for the process to show immediate results in improved spiritual and physical consciousness.

- How does this help relieve physical ailments? 

Often, our physical body holds on to trauma, which can manifest in physical symptoms. As the underlying trauma is released, the body can begin to heal — and sometimes heals immediately.

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