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Remember who you are

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

My pre-birth experience in 2019 resulted in a profound change in my consciousness. Since then, I have recalled more memories of my time before coming to earth. Connecting to the eternal part of me that is my Spirit has created a link to my Spirit and the unconditional love permeating the Heavenly Realms.

Recently, two of my clients have had remembrance of life before birth. Over the years, I have discovered that with each stage of consciousness and healing I experience, I can facilitate with others to share that, aiding them in their evolution and awakening.

I am struck by how pre-birth memories shift the perception of ourselves and the events we experience in our life.

I witnessed my life from a state of joy and unconditional love during my life preview, and I was not concerned about the challenges I foresaw. I was conscious of the opportunity to experience this world, and the intensity of experiences and emotions are not always available to a Spirit.

I knew I was being given a precious gift to come and learn how to remember my eternal self. By my remembering, I could effectively assist in changing consciousness on earth by embodying unconditional love. Life is a privilege. For most of my life, I did not see it in this light. I resented the struggles, the emotions, the isolation, and being different from most people around me. I had been homesick all my life, not knowing where home was. Like many, I was born into a challenging, angry, and sometimes hostile home environment. My parents were very broken, and my mother did not welcome my birth. As I previewed my life and understood that I chose it despite or because of the challenges and opportunities to overcome myself, I was liberated from the vestiges of being a victim. I was able to look back and marvel at what I had overcome,

As I work with clients to clear the negative energies and experiences, the veil thins that separates them from the eternal realm. When we enter into the earth realm, part of the process is to take on the veil or mantle of forgetfulness which creates the illusion of being separate from God and others. This veil enables us to be immersed fully in our lives to achieve our goals here.

Entry from the heavenly realm into the earth is a shock to our system. When we become human, the change from being immersed in love and light plants a trauma to our system that is the foundation of our earthly persona. If we are welcomed into a loving home, it is easier to overcome the initial impact.

During Illumination sessions, clients experience the actual clearing of the emotions of trauma and at times clear their birth trauma.

Most clients experience by the end of a session the truth of their true identity as eternal beings of light and love. It is transformative and aids the journey of awakening to enlightenment/ Christ Consciousness. Connecting to our true self allows us to interact with life from a different perspective than just suffering or survival. Purpose and identity become clear. It becomes easier to make the right choices and stop repetitive patterns of self-destructive behavior. The experience of being a victim is no longer relevant, and the power of our choice and free will become paramount. We may not have options about the trauma of our lives, but we have a choice in how we perceive it. Creativity, supernatural abilities, relationships begin to flow out of abundant connection to all things.

One of my clients has experienced more trauma in his life than average. He has been fearless in clearing the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and a lifetime of repeated betrayal and jealousy. He has coped with these events in an honorable way, but they colored his life. Releasing the trapped energy of his life events, his Spirit radiates brighter and lighter.

Recently, during our session, as I have come to expect, there is mystical, spiritual assistance during these sessions. The veil thins encompassing us in profound love and an altered reality that permits seeing into situations from an elevated viewpoint. After clearing emotional pain, he was taken back to his pre-birth life; he had previously resolved his birth trauma in a session. This time he experienced the joy of coming into this realm and remembered how to bring the energy of heaven to earth. I wondered if others would encounter this as I had, and it was a transcendent life-giving event for both of us.

A week later, another client came for a session, and he has carried his family's pain. His parents and extended family were victims of the Nazis in Holland, holding repressed pain and anger. His family patterns had been complicated on his very spiritual and sensitive Spirit, and he has been serving his family selflessly. He is an incredible person and has pursued awakening all his life and has been intentional about healing. He chose to release layers of energy and emotion through our sessions, and soon he had experienced the trauma of birth and the shock of falling into the frequency of this realm. During this session, as he cleared more trauma and negative feelings, he too connected to his life before birth and the people he would meet here to be part of the shift in the world. It changed his perception of his life and how he relates to the challenges of living on earth.

These are just two examples of the power of intention and the Illumination technique once enough trauma has been released. As we break through into our eternal self, there is a shared mystical experience of peace and love.

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